About A Pawsitive Dog, Inc.

Leroy Darby is the owner and certified dog trainer of a A Pawsitive Dog, Inc. Through his experiences he recognized that all dog owners want and need to coexist with their family companion and trusted friend. A Pawsitive Dog, Inc teaches and trains both owners and dogs how to live in peace and happiness together.

In addition to his twenty years of dog experience, Leroy trained with Anthony Jerone, owner of the Anthony Jerone School of Dog Training and Career, who has worked with dogs for over 40 years. Under Anthony Jerone's tutelage, Leroy completed 100 hours of class time as well as 100 hours of hands-on training with different breeds and their owners. Leroy continues to expand his knowledge and hands on experience.  Presently, he trains with John Donnelly, a schutzhund trainer and german shepherd handler. 

From his vast experience with dogs of various breeds and temperaments, Leroy understands canine behavior and their training needs. He continues to educate himself by reading, attending seminars and viewing videos of the dog trainers in s aggression, schutzund, obedience). 

Leroy also dedicated his life to developing and empowering young people. From his successful and influential work in youth development, Leroy utilizes best practices in youth development in his dog training - fun, consistency, boundaries and empowerment.

Leroy received his BA in Liberals Arts from Wesleyan University in 1989. Leroy is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, United Schutzund Club of America and the Pine Barren's Schutzhund Club.   

More importantly, he is the proud father of his eleven year old son, his thee year daughter, five year old rottweiler, Lord Fritz, BH, AD, CGC and his newest addition, four month old german shepherd.

Lord is an imported rottweiler from Hungary.  Lord assists to socialize puppies and older dogs, assist with dog's aggression issues and demonstrate exercises so that owners can see the end result of basic and advanced obedience.